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Priceabuse.com is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company involved in manufacturing, marketing and exporting of quality personal care and fast moving consumer products. The quality is superb and it's very safe to use as they are directly from GMP/ISO/Halal factory. Our product are registered with Ministry of Health(MOH) and Jabatan Kemajuan Islam (JAKIM) in Malaysia. We provide highest possible quality at lowest possible price.



Anti-Bacterial Series
Customer Reviews

Great product. Totally help my cat with any injuries.

9 July 2019

sangat sangat ohsem.. perfume ni tahan lama.. memang terbaek..

17 June 2019
james bond

quality pomade, smells good....good product

17 June 2019

My precious one. I really like this Miracle Perfume Generics. I'm going to cry badly coz there don't have any outlet at Pahang or Terengganu

17 June 2019
Nurul Ain

I love this perfume.. would like to order more n more..

17 June 2019
Zinatul Iffah

Hi. I'm using this perfume everyday. I am not a maniac of perfume. I don't tend to wear them on daily basis unless I have important matters to use it. I used to be loyal to one brand previously, however I am falling in love with this perfume. Issey Miyake perfume really lasted for days. Plus, its sweet scent made me happier and sweeter daily. I recommended this to everyone because seriously, price abuse perfume are affordable with a very sweet smell. I even sprayed in on my bed and pillow since I just love the smell every second. Keep it up, manufacturer!

17 June 2019
This product is awesome!! Its cheap and TOTALLY EFFECTIVE! Been using it for 6 days already and I can see the differences. My Hair starts to grow healthier and there are much thicker than before. Also, it reduced and solved my hair fall problem. Thanks to this product!
17 January 2019
love the smells & last long
17 January 2019
i feel fresh fragrance and attract the attention of people around to greet them with this scent .. I fell in love with the polo blue blues.
17 January 2019